What Enrichment Classes are available after school?


Enrichment classes are available for students in Threes, Fours, and Kindergarten. Class offerings include:

Little Princess Ballet is the perfect introduction to ballet for your little princess. Students will learn beginning ballet steps, ballet terminology, synchronized and expressive dance movement. Through this fun-filled, enriching environment, children will gain self-confidence, poise, grace and enhanced performance skills. Each student will need a leotard and ballet shoes.

The Fitness for Fun program will be a fun way to get the wiggles out while also covering a wide range of activities. Each class will have a theme in which gross motor skills, teamwork and body awareness skills will be enhanced. Some themes will include track and field, tumbling, boot camp, aerobics, etc. The class will promote health by discussing the importance of exercise, stretching, drinking water and healthy eating.

Game Play introduces the skills, strategies, and development of cooperative play for games children play. Game Play will include enhanced skill learning for team sports including soccer, kick ball, basketball and baseball. We will intersperse the enhanced team sport skills with popular playground games such as scatter ball, four square, Frisbee, red rover and jump rope. Game Play will include development of good sportsmanship, winning, losing and team play.

Children who participate in our cooking classes, Kids In The Kitchen, will have the opportunity to enhance creativity, literacy and math skills by being involved in enjoyable, hands-on cooking activities. As your young chefs cook up fun creations, they will also practice valuable skills such as measuring, counting and identifying or sorting shapes and sizes. Each week, we will read a popular children’s book, song, or poem to introduce the week’s theme then tie that theme together with a fun, delicious, hands-on cooking activity.

Your child will enjoy this opportunity to be creative with a wide range of art materials and fun techniques that go beyond the preschool day. They will explore painting, drawing, papier machè, clay, and more. It will be fun, messy, and hands on. Your artist supplies the imagination and we supply the rest!

Phonics enrichment classes are designed to complement the daily instruction the children receive in their Fours classes. Lessons will include phonemic awareness skills such as attending to sound, rhyming and segmenting sentences, compound words and syllables. Letter recognition, as well as, letter/sound correlations will also be taught. Lessons will incorporate games, music and movement, poetry and art to address the importance of multi-sensory experiences in early learning. For Kindergarteners, lessons will also include blending and segmenting onsets and rimes and phonemes, as well as, phoneme manipulation.

Our fun scientific discovery will include hands-on experiments wearing our special lab coats. Topics may include hot/cold, states of matter, air pressure, nutrition, heart health, environmental awareness and recycling. When weather permits, we will be outside observing nature and the seasonal changes using all our senses.

¡Hola! Your little linguist will love learning Spanish the fun way. An introduction to “Español” will be taught through hands-on activities including games, music and movement and stories. Language skills covered will include greetings and introductions, numbers, colors, basic vocabulary words and more!

Our tennis program will teach the fundamentals of tennis. The focus will be on basic hand/eye coordination, racquet/ball manipulation, strokes, tennis terms and very basic rules of the game. Tennis lessons will be mixed with fun games to nurture an interest in tennis while teaching the basics of a sport they may play for a lifetime!

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